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We offer good wild brown trout, sea trout and salmon fishing to members and to non members by day or weekly ticket. Brown trout fishing is available on both The Bervie and Luther Waters 7 days a week, salmon and sea trout fishing Monday to Saturday only. 
By law here is no Sunday fishing permitted for migratory fish on Sundays in Scotland. Please look in the Permits section (top menu) for more details.

The Luther Water is a major tributary of The North Esk. The river is a noted brown trout fishery holding large stocks of fish and producing good runs of sea trout and salmon, particularly during periods of high water and from September to the end of the season.

The Bervie Water
is well known as a sea trout and salmon fishery, often producing very large fish. Again this is mainly during periods of high water and from September to the end of the season. The Bervie is also a very underrated brown trout fishery where the stealthy, adaptable and cunning fly fisher can find very good sport

We are always looking to recruit new members to the association, please look in the Membership section (top menu) for more details.

The Changing Face Of The Bervie

They say a river never stands still and that is certainly true.

The Bervie is a pretty good small salmon river – that's a small river with salmon, not a river with small salmon; in fact the Bervie is noted for producing some very large salmon indeed although to see it at summer levels you might find that hard to believe.

Short, steep spate streams like The Bervie are often subject to sudden huge rises in water levels that can bring about dramatic changes as well as coaxing fish in from the sea

The pictures below are at Corbie's Pot, a well known salmon “hole” downstream of the A90 at Mill Of Mondynes. In the first photo you can clearly see where the river used to flow round in a loop and where over the years eroded the red clay bank.

The river now takes a somewhat more direct route and has cut the corner as seen in the second photo.

The power of rivers, even small rivers like this, is astonishing.

Photos by Graham Strachan Jnr.





Outing Dates And Boats 2015

The following boats have been confirmed.

Please contact the secretary Eric Greig if you would like to take part

Loch Lee 3 boats + the river  Sat 16th May

Loch Earn 3 Boats  Sat 13th June

Carron Valley 3 boats + bank Sat 15th August

All are day sessions

Restriction Order

The restriction order on the Esk District has been lifted but the Fisheries Board have put together voluntary recommendations (see link below).

Voluntary Recommendations


Maps of our fishings on the Bervie and Luther Waters can be downloaded here.

Bervie Map

Luther Map


The open seasons on our rivers are as follows

Salmon and Sea Trout 16th February to 31st October inclusive.

Brown Trout 15th March to 6th October inclusive

Anglers respectfully are reminded that:

It is a criminal  offence to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout on Sundays

It is a criminal offence to fish for Salmon and Sea Trout without written permission

Brown Tour fishing rights belong to the riparian owners and / or lease holders. It is not a public right.

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